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blissfuls's Journal

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Welcome! Blissfuls is a Requestables Graphics Community. Here you will find Freebie Icons, Banners, Headers, Blinkies and soon to be Layouts!
Just join and wait to be accepted!


Always credit Anything and Everything you receive from here and credit with LJ tags please. heiress@blissfuls
Drama starters will NOT be tolerated. If you start ANY type of drama, with any member or any maker, you will automatically be banned. No chances will be given on this!
Use everything I make for you. If you aren't going to use it DON'T request it.
Comment when you have picked something up. If you don't pick-up your graphics within 1 week, they will be DELETED and NOT REMADE.
Follow all rules at all times, including my rules in each request post.
Last but certainly not least, use your manners. We all know you have them! They do go very far with me!


Ashleys : Hushstar : Dreamyobsession : Vivastylish : Xlovespelledx
Backstagelife : La_petite_cafe : Seafair : Seraphhic : Snowfalliing
Lovishly : Circused : Academys : Sugarcoatings : Sassied
Crinkle : Bouncys : Xpixie_palacex : Delicatebliss
Wildflwr_fields : Cupcakedesigns : Blinkie_shop : Blinkiedust : Pink_kiisses
Wanna be one? Just comment on the Affiliates Post! :]

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